Version 0.0.4 Just Uploaded!

Patch Notes

New Systems

  • Interactable System first-pass completed.
  • Breakable, Lootable Barrels and Crates
  • Lootable Treasure Chests
  • Readable Signs/Banners/Objects
  • Floating Health Bars added to Enemies
  • Enemies now have varying HP values and take damage based on the equipment you are carrying.

Combat Related

  • Combat Mechanics Update
  • Player now Moves with Right-click and Attacks with Left-click. This will see a lot more tweaking in the future.

Item Related

  • First armor drops are in. You can find a few pieces of Leather armor now.
  • Equipment slots in your Equipment Panel are now labeled.
  • The weapon slot now only accepts weapons.
  • Wearing armor increases your character's defense. Enemies damage is now reduced by the armor you are wearing.
  • Wielding weapons now affects the damage you do.
  • Items now have Qualities. This like everything is just a first pass, but you'll find rare and epic items that have higher values than the base versions.


  • Small fixes to NavMesh involving crates.
  • Some items/trees no longer block raycasting/clicking.
  • Various bugs fixed

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